How to change the text in a CHM file

Help files, or CHM-files, were designed to facilitate the user’s work with a particular software, to provide him with the necessary information about program functionality, give descriptive instructions.


Help file is a great assistant for everyone, but sometimes it can cause problems. What to do if you’re the one who should make replacement in a CHM file? For example, change the year in your software help file copyright information? Who will help you in this situation?

Well, don’t worry! Sit down in front of a computer screen comfortably with a cup of coffee and let us introduce your new assistant – CHM Editor tool. This is a real expert in the help files, so just trust him.

So, you face the challenge to make a replacement.
Suspense scares, and therefore we suggest you to read the steps below before you begin the work.
You will be surprised how easy it is!

1. Download the CHM Editor demo and install it on your computer.

It is totally free and necessary step to take advantage of this tool.

Download now

2. Start CHM Editor.

It will greet you and offer to select the further action.

3. Click “Replace” (Ctrl+R hotkey) and enter the text which you want to be replaced and your new text in appropriate fields.


Make a replacement in CHM file

4. Choose where you want to make a replacement – in a single case, on this page or in all document:


Replace the date in a CHM file

Once you click on the appropriate button your CHM file text will be changed! It was easy, wasn’t it?

You can solve several tasks at once by using CHM Editor:


By the way, afterward, you may need to do more difficult things like editing your help files or translating them.
CHM Editor can be used for editing and translating CHM files too. You can export your help files in PDF format easily and quickly. Besides, this is the perfect tool for localization your CHM Help files.
CHM Editor Tool

1. This is a powerful tool for editing CHM, you can change and save chm file without downloading any additional tools or editors.

2. It allows you translate any chm-file using one of available translation services.
The most amazing thing is that translation will be complied with saving of all html-tags and document’s structure – did you ever dream about such powerful feature?

Download free demo

CHM Editor‘s features are the best choice both for average PC users when they need to read chm-help in foreign language and for professional translators who could get possibility to translate chm-files as the usual document without any knowledge about HTML!

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